About me

The love of sports achievement, and in particular tennis, has shaped my experience and professional references. As a Ph.D. psychologist and trained sports psychologist at the Sports University in Cologne and DTB-Trainer (C license) my job is to apply sport psychology and know-how accumulated in sports practice. I have lived in Germany since 1994, I have been working around the world as an independent sports psychologist and mental trainer since 2004. My clients include emerging talents and Olympic squad members in various summer and winter sports disciplines, tennis talents (Top 10 DTB, U12 to U16), WTA and ATP players, and also include a wheelchair tennis player.


Higher Education:

  • University Autonoma of Madrid (Spain) Qualification as a qualified psychologist, studying with Doctor Europeus
  • Promotion of sport psychological issues in competitive tennis
  • Sport University Cologne, sports psychology curriculum

Additional education:

  • Sport Psychology bdp / asp, tennis coach (C license)
  • Contextual Coaching based on Craemer and NLP Methods
  • Many years of experience in consulting and coaching with high-performance athletes in various sports (at youth and professional levels)
  • Many years of experience in professional achievement and tennis (as a psychologist, trainer, referee) and trainer (with the DTB Tennis C license)

Research areas

High-power tennis, youth sports, Olympic sports, Paralympics


Professional Association of German Psychologists (BDP)
Sport Psychology Network
Network Sports Psychology in Spain (ITAKA)

All people live in love, abundance and self-confidence!

This is my vision of life. That's what I believe in and that's where I start from. Coming from my work as an international sports psychologist, this means that I communicate success. In other words: Every athlete who I coach, gives their all. The focus of our collaboration is on an optimum level of performance and a unity with what we do, where the person is at all times at one with their personality. In the end, there is nothing less than the fulfillment of a completely individual dream.