Tennis support

Due to many years of experience with tennis players at youth, amateur
and professional levels, flowandgrow has developed different training modules designed to turn talented players into dazzling winners and thus to make decisive steps forward.
The individual modules contain formulas for success:

More powerful motivation

  • Better attitude and discipline in training and competition
  • Increased concentration and motivation
  • Improved reliability and competitive willpower
  • Optimal training intensity
  • Development of social and personal skills

Greater mental strength

  • Greater mental strength
  • Building self-confidence
  • Transfer of training packages in competition (the problem of the training champion)
  • The fear of opponents
  • The heavy weight of tasks to be done
  • Building performance stability

Greater Excellence

  • Optimal performance implementation
  • Dealing with emotions on the court
  • Mental match strategy
  • Positive attitude and self-talk

The training modules provide realistic solutions in the above areas and cover the following topics:

Get to know yourself! – „Discover yourself as a player“
Remember your own vision! – „Let your dreams come true“
Realize your vision! – „Visualize your success“
Set yourself effective goals! – „Plan your success“
Love yourself and your success! – „Examine your resources“
Take responsibility for your own life! – „Learn to judge yourself and others“
Be aware of your own thoughts! – „Do you want to be right or to be successful?“
Trust yourself and others! – „The art of communication“
Communicate as a winner! – „Pay attention to your body language“
Develop a mental match strategy – „Take control of your life“