Current projects in support of sport

Project 1: Collaboration with top sport school Poelchau High School in Berlin

flowandgrow maintains close contacts with the "Poelchau School", a top sports school in Berlin.
Our work here consists of the following:

  • Increase the success of the students and the school through result, mental coaching in the sports, hockey, rowing, modern pentathlon
  • Qualifications of the school football team for the 2011 School World Championships
  • Involvement of trainers and teachers in the field of mental support

Project 2: Supporting children in competitive sports with the program „I can do it!“

„Children in the course of their development deal time and again with challenges. For some children, this is an experience fraught with difficulties, and they develop anxieties, tantrums and learning difficulties in certain areas. Normally such problems come and go again. But sometimes it seems as though they get stuck - and then the adults who look after the child need to find solutions --and to deal with this, they need ideas.“
(Ben Furman, 2007).

The „I can do it!“ program was developed in a Finnish day-care center for children. It is a method by which children's difficulties can be overcome positively and constructively. The program is simple, understandable, and playful. It consists of 15 consecutive steps, which with slight modifications are also suitable for teenagers. By using suitable worksheets, child-oriented pictures and texts it easy for caregivers and children to reach the desired objectives.

Practical examples:

The 11-year-old figure skater Petra M. is very talented and one of the best in her training group. But she is often agitated and tense in competition with the implementation of their long program, so she finds it difficult to translate her skills. Although coaches and parents try to calm her, the young athlete comes under pressure due to her own frustration at not achieving results which are not clear. After a very poor season, all parties seek professional advice, how can this young athlete be helped?

Project 3: coaching for sports teams

„Working together to win – The path to successful team player work“

Participants: sports teams, minimum of 6 participants, maximum 25

Objectives: Team players...

  • develop a positive team spirit through the training
  • learn the basics of successful teamwork
  • learn which factors promote or block success
  • learn to achieve good results even under stress and pressure
  • are motivated to achieve collaborative goals