Current projects in tennis support

Project 1: Tennis Psychology for your „Tennis Camp“

Hours: 1 day (2 x 2-hour sessions)

Theme: Playful Introduction to Tennis Psychology

Participants: suitable for children, adolescents and adults

Contents: concentration and motivation, self-confidence and self-evaluation, body language on the court, dealing with stress, relaxation and motivation


Time frame Contents



Meeting / warming up

- Meeting-up exercises on the tennis court
- Identifying goals and expectations for the Tennis Camp

Concentration & Motivation

- Defining and developing your own goals and success patterns (Key Game)
- Concentration exercises on the court

Self-confidence & self-evaluation

- Assess your own strengths
- Self-assessment on the court (energy dosage)
- Forecasting Training (Training for self-confidence)



Body Language on the court

- Positive body language between points

Dealing with stress

- Consciously developing your own resources in dealing with stress
- Short-and long-lasting strategies against stress
- Relaxing and motivation exercises



Project 2: Sport psychology support at training camp

Duration: 1 Week

Focus: Sport psychology consulting & coaching in training camp


  • The mutual and common goal for the season
  • Team Development: Team Structure
  • Confidence in your own victory: the story of David and Goliath
  • Before the decisive match: the right focus
  • Optimal awareness of one's abilities under match conditions
  • Increasing one's self-confidence and self-image on the court
  • Individual and personal analysis of your issues and questions

Under Service & Purchasing, details are available as a PDF file --the program gradually introduces practical examples for better comprehension of the program and its approach.



Project 3: Coach the Coach

What is “coach the coach”?:

  • Advice for the trainer, so they can maximize the psychological processes of their players.
  • The advice is based on the belief that the coach has all the resources that will enable them to cope with the mental challenges and problems with their players and help to fix them. The aim is to actively focus these resources at the right point.
  • The consulting process allows a "reframing" (interpretation and clarification) of the problems and difficulties, so that solutions are quickly and effectively found.

As a trainer, you have important resources and tools that make you able to successfully work with your players. But sometimes even for experienced trainers it is useful to get a sense of seeing problems from a different angle. My task is to help you gain more assuredness in your work. You do not need to learn psychological training methods, it is simply about the systematic and professional assistance of an experienced coach in the mental area. Based on dialogs, possible problem situations are outlined and then systematically resolved.