What does success mean to me?

Success is 100% about achieving the greatest vision of ourselves.

Success as a coach

  1. I have a broader vision of my clients than they do themselves
  2. My clients experience their breakthrough
  3. My people overcome their limitations and achieve something that
  4. The desired result is achieved
  5. My clients have new insights, which they knew nothing about until now
  6. My clients are relieved, resolved and emotionally calm
  7. My clients are excited and can show emotions
  8. My clients throw off blocks, and make room for new things
  9. My clients try out something new and are ready for changes
  10. My clients trust me, so that we can clarify doubts and reservations
  11. We talk honestly
  12. I handle rejection
  13. I knows how to get rid of resistance
  14. My clients become more open

I have great empathy


Celebrated successes / References

  • Celebrated successes / References
  • Professional tennis player, top 50 of the WTA, the WTA Top 700
  • Wheelchair tennis, top 100 world rankings
  • High-performance sport, modern pentathlon, A-Squad
  • Tennis Academy "Riba Competición" in the high performance center CAR, Barcelona
  • Tennis Academy Guido Jacke, Berlin
  • Top Tennis Akademy Apitzsch Thomas, Berlin
  • Rowing C-U19 and U23 squad
  • Hockey player selection, ice hockey association in Berlin,
  • Berlin Football Association
  • Football (Hertha BSC, U19)
  • Darts Association Berlin Brandenburg
  • Tennis Association of Berlin-Brandenburg and Saxon Tennis Association
  • Top Sports school Poelchau High School Berlin
  • Junior Sports, Top 10 DTB (U16, U14), Junior Sports, Top 30 DTB (U16)
  • Junior Sports, Top 10 TVBB (U14, U12)
  • Tennis Junior Sports, Top 10 DTB (U16, U14), Junior Sports, Top 30 DTB (U16)
  • Tennis Junior Sports, Top 10 TVBB (U14, U12)
  • Figure skating, speed skating (DC Executive), boxing, dancing, gymnastics, horseback riding, swimming, athletics, basketball
  • Workshops for IST Study Institute, Insumed, Association of German tennis instructors (VDT), tennis club SCC Berlin, DKB, DTB Women
  • Teaching experience at the University Autonoma of Madrid
  • Main speaker on tennis psychology at several different national and international conferences, in Mexico, Colombia and Spain




„I am now much stronger and more confident on the court. I know what I want and how I can achieve it.“

„I realized that I need to express everything clearly and in order to know exactly what I really want.“

„I realized and experienced a lot about myself, and I realized in which ways and through which behaviors I sometimes stand in my own way and what I do that blocks me.“

„I no longer see everything is either black or white. For me it's no longer all or nothing. I can again see color in my game and use my opportunities better.“

„My daughter was thrilled after the consultation and this has made me happy.“

„My son has become calmer and more confident. He is generally clearer and more relaxed since we have worked with you.“

„We were able to talk very confidently. That was important to me!”

„I succeeded in not speculating on every rally. My head is clearer for the game.“

„I have found it very useful to have a framework in which I can address important issues differently than I usually know. Here I can talk freely about myself."