Contextual Coaching

What is contextual Coaching? (based on Craemer)

Contextuelles Coaching® is a powerful method that allows a personal change for better results through the examination of personal systems of thought and inner convictions.

This means that we can resolve the causes of disturbances and problems by exploring athletic performance weakspots. Here, the coach looks for the source of the problem. Similarly to an iceberg, here only one seventh is visible above the water surface, and the larger part remains hidden. So it also is in competitive sport, the visible part is measurable and observable in the results and events that we look at in our sports life (Contents): victories, defeats, rankings, awards, training, quality coaches, training partners, teammates, tournament quality and quantity, etc. All that we can see and perceive are results. Transferred to our personal lives, these would be the observable facts, like having a partner, children, property, assets, and the number and quality of our friendships, leisure activities, etc (content level). But in fact, we are talking about much more, the explanation why we have results we do not like, or certain outcomes in our lives are not really possible, although we want them so much!

This is about the "invisible" part of the iceberg, which also determines the visible part: our "invisible" mood swings such as feelings, communication and behavior. This "bottom six sevenths" includes the level of inner conviction and hidden intentions on a contextual level. They provide the cause for all the results and contents. They develop through drawing conclusions, opinions, beliefs, reservations, reviews, opinions and prejudices.
Only when both parts are interconnected can they form a mental-emotional network of different contexts themselves, the events and results may allow or prevent. Until we change the content level through tricks and strategies, we at best achieve a change in the existing content, but no fundamental change in context (no deeper transformation). To achieve fundamental new and lasting better results, we need action on the contextual level.

Our contexts reflect the totality of our thinking, feeling and acting. And it is this aspect of the consciously or unconsciously influenced opinions and judgments about us, about teammates, coaches, performance, training, competition and money, --these are some of the real hidden issues which determine success or failure. Through my coaching you have the possibility to recognize non-supportive contexts and change them.