The name of our service stands for river (flow) and growth (grow). flow describes the ideal performance state, which is filled with self-confidence, enjoyment, success, power, calmness, focussing on one's own goals and control (level of performance). To grow is shown as an ideal living condition, one which is filled with trust, love and fulfillment (as a level of consciousness).

The interaction of doing and being (flow and grow) in the context of harmony, trust and intuition is the main component of my counselling.

Flow is about the balance between expectation and ability. In competitive sports, the right flow has many meanings. It is the perfect mode for reliable and effective performance, as well as improved speed and accuracy. Second, it is also about an increased harmony of movement harmony, low stress levels, joy of physical exercise, complete absorption in the sport (meaning to glide, to float). All of this takes place at the level of action and is closely related to the self-mastery that gives us the successful implementation of our goals and possible objectives. When you grow the real being is the focus, because it is crucial to how we experience life. Growing happens at the level of consciousness and is in close relationship with the self-determination to see that our successful self-fulfillment of our life vision and mission.    

Self-control and self-determination are two important elements of oneself. They are what make up our inner dialogue. The quality of the relationship between grow (self 1) and even flow (self 2) is dependent on how these two units communicate with each other as well. At this point my advice and sports coaching begin, so there can be a harmonious, trusting and intuitive collaboration.